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Student leadership and participation

Our leadership programmes are rooted in a strong commitment to support students in their ongoing development as leaders. We inculcate leadership qualities in the students, by allowing them to take the lead in various activities and projects. We have various committees, such as Student Committee, Assembly Committee, House Committee, and Events Committee, which are led by students and provide them with an initial grounding in leading others. We also organize in house and external leadership training workshops to develop leadership skills amongst students.

Our leadership activities help students to:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Boost self-esteem and morale
  • Practice public confidence and expressing themselves clearly to others
  • Develop their organisational skills and the ability to manage others
  • Develop overall personality and promote ‘can-do’ attitudes

17th June School opening

1st July to 5th July Vanmahotsava week activities

17th July Fancy dress competition (Animal)

19th July Color day (Yellow)

22nd July Special assembly (Guru Poornima)

1st Aug Walk in the Rain (Pre Primary)

5th Aug Fancy Dress (Aquatic Animals)(Pre Primary)

13th Aug Color Day-Blue (Pre Primary)

14th Aug Independence day celebration (Pre Primary)

15th Aug Independence day celebration (P/MS)

27th Aug Special Assembly Dahi Handi (P/PP/MS)

29th Aug Indoor Camping Day (Pre Primary)

5th Sep Teacher's Day Celebration (PP/P/MS)

6th Sep Special Assembly Ganesh Chaturthi (PP/P/MS)

11th Sep Field Trip (Pre Primary)

12th Sep Color Day(Green) (Pre Primary)

13th Sep Hindi Divas (P/MS)

19th Sep Craft Competition(Best out of waste) (Pre Primary)

23th Sep Teddy Bear Day (Pre Primary)

27th Sep Grand Parents Day Celebration (PP/P/MS)

30th Sep Inter-House Dramatics Competition (P/MS)

7th Nov Drawing coloring competition